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City Parks
Tuckers Pond

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Facility Information

Denison, IA 51442

Park Rules
ALL parks are closed October 1 - April 30

1. The consumption of alcoholic liquor is prohibited in all public parks
within the City.
2. Bottled or canned Beer or Wine may be consumed in a public park by those ages 21 or
older. Use and consumption of keg beer in all public parks is prohibited.
3. The sale of any alcoholic liquor, beer, or wine, within a public park is prohibited.
4. All City Parks are closed between the hours of 10:30 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.
5. Overnight camping is prohibited in all City Parks.
6. Trapping and hunting are prohibited in all City Parks.
7. The commercial sale of merchandise for profit is prohibited in all City Parks.
8. Swimming is prohibited at Tuckers Pond.
9. The use of motorized boats on Tuckers Pond is prohibited.
10. Ice fishing at Tuckers Pond is permitted in designated areas only. Fishing holes are
limited to 8” diameter or smaller.
11. The use of amplified sound or loud music is prohibited in all City Parks between the
hours of 10:30 p.m. and 9 a.m.
12. Reservations for the enclosed shelters at Union and Morningside Parks may be made at
City Hall following payment of a $50.00 deposit fee. There is also a $20.00 rental fee, per
day. The deposit fee will be refunded to the renter upon return of the shelter key to City
Hall. No reservations may be made for the outside picnic areas in any City Park.
13. Fire shall not be permitted in any City Park except in places provided therefore. All such
fires shall be extinguished prior to vacating the site, unless used immediately by some
other party.
14. No domesticated animal shall be allowed to run at large in any City Park. All such
animals shall be on a leash or carried. Animal owners are responsible for the prompt
removal and disposal of all animal solid waste created by their pet.
15. The operation of motorcycles, mopeds, and skateboards is prohibited on any portion of
the Sewell Trail.
16. Bare feet, Food, Drinks, Tobacco Products, Littering, Bikes, Skateboards, Rollerblades,
and all Pets are prohibited on that portion of Washington Park designated as Kids’ Kastle.
17. Garage Sales may only be held in the enclosed shelter houses in Union Park and
Morningside Park.

The parks available to reserve and rent are Morningside Park and Union Park.
Morningside Park is located at 7 Morningside Drive.  It is one acre of land.  It is a neighborhood park with playground equipment, shelter house, restrooms, double basketball court, and a softball field.  Morningside Park’s shelter house fits approximately 50 people. 
Union Park is located at 324 North 17th Street. It is 2.3 acres of land.  Union Park is a neighborhood park with playground equipment, log cabin shelter house, restrooms, and a single basketball court.  Union Park’s shelter house fits approximately 25 people.  

Shelter House Rules

  1. Wipe off all tables and counters
  2. Sweep floors and clean up any spills
  3. Place all trash in proper receptacles
  4. No garage sale items are to be left in the parks or shelter house
  5. Check the rest rooms for messes
  6. Pick up any trash outside the building, and on the playground
  7. Turn out all lights, shut all of the windows, lock the doors, and return the keys to City Hall by the next business day after Noon (12 p.m.)
  8. No kegs are allowed
  9. No smoking in the facility
  10. City Ordinance does not allow for garage sale signs to be posted on any City or State sign posts, utility poles, within City Right-of-Way, or four-legged intersection signs.
Report any problems to City Hall by calling 263-3143, before the following morning and leave a message.

SALE OF ALCOHOLIC beverages is prohibited.
NO ADMISSION may be charged at the door.

Rental Fees

Rental Fee- $20.00
Damage/Cleaning Deposit Fee- $50.00

Please provide a check payable to the City of Denison.  The rental fee and the damage/cleaning fee will be deposited.  The damage/cleaning fee check will be reimbursed to you provided the Shelter House Rules are followed.
Your rental ends at 10:30 p.m. and you need to have all of the clean up done and lights out by that time.  City Hall accepts reservations at any time, however, reservations will not be held until the deposit is paid and the Shelter House Rental Policy is completed. 
Please call City Hall in case of cancellation. The deposit will be refunded in full if the cancellation is more than 14 days prior to the event or the deposit fee will be forfeited.



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